Jump’N’Shoot Attack, the retro mobile platformer with a difference, is coming along nicely. Here’s a very brief (6 second Vine brief) preview of the stage “Teratoma”, a planet entirely consumed by organic matter after a science experiment went horribly wrong.

More to come!

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A little update on MANOS, The Podcast and more.

I felt it was about time for an update on everything, so here’s the current state of all things FreakZone…

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hey, why are you delaying the wii u port of avgn adventures for long?!!! what else is taking up too much of your time? i mean hell man, I'm sick and tired of waiting! don't tell me you F***ing canceled it!!!

Are you that other guy but more anonymous and angry?

this ridiculous, why is the wii u port of avgn adventures taking so long? please tell me you didn't cancel it

That’s in the hands of the publisher, not FreakZone Games. The AVGNA port is handled externally, and Nintendo also have to approve of everything. As was announced at SGC, it should be within the next month or two.

What’s this? Why, it’s the first publicly released screenshot of FreakZone Games’ next mobile game. Powered by the awesome Unity engine, and yet beautifully retro, this game’s control scheme will make you realise that you really can take a truly responsive “NES hard” experience with you every day on your iOS or Android device, without having to fumble with virtual buttons. Aiming for release in September! Watch this space.

..I am a big ol’ tease.

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how the heck are you porting an MMF2 game to the 3DS and Wii U?

With talented people and lots of hard work ;)

I have a question for Sam Beddos. Any chance I can download the Chance Time program you made for ScrewAttack at SGC?

Hey, sorry, you’d have to ask the guys at ScrewAttack for that.

Is there any chance you could release Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures on other digital distribution services like GOG?

Hi, I’m sorry but this is up to the publisher, ScrewAttack Games.

Is it possible for me to get manos or adventure land on my windows 7 computer?

MANOS will be on Steam some time this year, in a special Steam version with extra content and enhancements. AWESOME Land was very much a simple game for mobiles, so it won’t be seeing a PC or console release.

I gotta say, Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures coming to Wii U and 3DS was awesome to hear. But given the game's mature content (even if it's all meant to be comical), is it likely that the game will be cut to shreds for the console release or remain uncensored?

We’re submitting the game fully uncut, as it has received a rating, and I believe that’s all Nintendo ask for. Remember that many mature games are on the Wii U.

Hi, I have a problem with AVGN adventures and nobody is answering me anywhere, so I'm trying to ask there. I'm playing with an Xbox One controller but when I have it plugged in it somehow slows the death screen and every loading screen, making it last 7-8 seconds. Without the controller, everything works fine, but I find this game almost unplayble with the keyboard. Also, due to the frequent deaths, that issue makes the game impossible to play. What can I do?

Hey, thanks for your question. I believe this should be fixed in the next update, as we’ve stopped the game polling for controllers every frame now.

Hello, when is Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures coming to 3DS and Wii U? You guys have me waiting to give you money for it. I'm dying to play it. Thanks and keep up the great work!

Hi, as was announced at SGC, AVGN Adventures is coming to Wii U within the next month or two, once it’s all gone through with Nintendo. The 3DS version is currently in the works and will follow shortly after.

from FreakZone Games Podcast

Did you know that all turtles are computer generated? In the second FreakZone Pocast we talk about Unity development and “Ludo-Narrative Dissonnance” like proper smart and well behaved game developers.

Download it here!

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So I'm ranked #8 in the speed run list. I accomplished this by playing the whole game through using a ton of shortcuts and not dying even once. Now what Im wondering is whether # 1-7 on the speed run list are real people or not. What is the truth?

Good job! I will have to take a look, I think the top scorers are hackers, but Apple never had the option to get rid of scores. I believe they’ve recently added the ability to manage scores though, so I will take a look. Congrats!

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